Financial Planning

“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It's as simple as that.”


Financial Planning aims at ensuring that a household (investor) has adequate income or resources to meet current and future expenses and needs. It's an process of streamlining the income, expenses, assets and liabilities of the household (investor) to take care of both current and future need of funds.

Need for Financial Planner:
  • Personal Financial Management requires time and attention to recognize income and expense patterns, estimates of future goals, management of assets and liabilities, and review of the finances of the household(investor). Many clients don't have dedicated time for such tasks.

  • Estimating financial goals, finding suitable products and arriving at suitable allocations to various assets require specific expertise and skills which may not be available in most households(investors).

  • Selecting the right investment products, choosing the right service providers and managers, selecting insurance products, evaluating borrowing options and such other financial decisions requires extensive research. 

  • A Professional financial planner with capabilities to compare, evaluate and analyse various products enables making efficient choices from competing products.

  • Financial Planning is a dynamic process that requires consistent attention to changing market and product performance, dynamic changes in the needs and status of the client and ability to tune the process to these changes.

In Simple words, to choose a financial planner is to engage a professional to devote time and provide expertise to a process-driven and result-oriented approach in managing personal finances.

Services Offered under Financial Planning:

Personal Financial Analysis

Debt Counselling

Insurance Planning

Investment Planning

Asset Allocation

Tax Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Financial Planning Delivery Process:

At CornerStone Financial Planning & Advisory Services, we follow below process that enables acquiring client data and working with the client to arrive at appropriate financial decisions and plans, within the context of the defined relationship between the Planner and Client.


Financial Planning Checklist